Telenor Internet Settings – Step by Step Instructions

Telenor Internet Settings

Telenor is the second mobile network in Pakistan to roll out the 3G and 4G LTE in Pakistan. Any Android user can configure its Android device with Telenor Internet Settings for using 3G or 4G services. Now Telenor is giving a brand new SIM for using 3G or 4G services.

Telenor 3G Internet settings or Telenor 4G Internet settings can be easily applied to your android devices automatically after inserting the SIM card. In some cases, Telenor net settings don’t happen and you have to manually configure the Telenor Internet Settings.

Telenor Internet Settings – Manual Configuration

This is the manual APN configuration settings for Telenor, you just to enter in your android phone. Follow these steps to get the Telenor 3G Internet settings or Telenor 4G Internet settings for your android phone.

  1. Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
  2. Tap the ‘Add’ button at the top right corner.
  3. Now enter the following settings:
    Name: Telenor Internet (anything you like)
    APN: internet
    Username: Telenor
    Password: Telenor
    APN Type: default,supl
  4. You can leave all the other fields blank as they are and save these settings

Telenor Internet Settings – 4G LTE Requirements

If Telenor 4G services are not working on your device then you need to check these few things. These are the requirements for using Telenor 4G services.

  1. You should be in the coverage area
  2. You should have Telenor 4G SIM
  3. Mobile phone should be compatible with 4G 850 band which are legally imported in Pakistan

Activate Telenor Internet Settings

After doing all these steps of manual configuration, now you need to activate the latest Telenor Internet Package, it can be a 3G or 4G package. If you don’t use any package then it will cost you Rs.12/- per MB, it will be so costly. So, better to use a Telenor 3G Package or Telenor 4G Package.

If you are still facing some issues with your Telenor Internet Settings, then you can call the helpline or you can visit the nearest Telenor Franchise.

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