How to Find Number of SIMs Registered Against Your CNIC

number of SIMs registered against your CNIC

Do you know the exact number of SIMs registered against your CNIC? If YES then its good but NO then don’t worry because today in this article you will come to know the easiest and accurate way to find it out.

It is very important to register your SIMs against your CNIC that you are using and block others which are not in your use or even don’t know about them. You should have an idea about how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC in order to protect yourself to be involved in any illegal activity.

2 Ways to Find Number of SIMs Registered Against Your CNIC

It is important to note that Government of Pakistan has stricken its security policy. So dear readers, be vigilante as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is taking a strong action against those whose SIMs (registered against their CNIC) are using in criminal or illegal activities. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to check the information about the total sims that are available on our id card number.

I know most of us want to know number of SIMs that are registered on his/her Computerized National ID Card or CNIC but some of them don’t know the exact and precise method. Let me tell you that there are two ways to find number of SIMs registered against your CNIC.

1st Way:


2nd Way:

SMS on 668 with your CNIC

You can easily find out the numbers of registered SIMs against your ID Card via these methods. So let’s proceed to know how?

1st Way: To visit Website:

You have to go to the website by following the link and put your information there. As you can see in the image given below:

Once you put your ID number, then submit it. The website will give you the whole information about total sims registered on your CNIC number. You can check the result in the below image.

The chart is giving you the clear picture, where you can see the accurate result.

2nd Way: Send SMS:

The second way to find out the total SIMS, that are registered against your ID card number, is sending SMS. You have to write CNIC number in the text message without any dash or space and send it to 668. When you send the message, you will also get the text in return. It will provide you the details of numbers registered against your CNIC including the name of mobile company which has issued SIMs against your CNIC. You can check in the image below.

In case, you find out any Number, that is registered against your CNIC, but you are not owning that, then don’t waste your time and contact the concerned Customer Service Center or visit the designated franchises along with your original CNIC in order to block them.

Due to security issues in Pakistan, PTA has advised everyone to get rid of all those numbers that you are not using or owning but that are registered against your CNIC. Other than that, you must also have to make sure that SIM you are currently using is in your name. In case, the SIM which is in your use is not registered against your ID card, then contact concerned customer Service Center or Help line to solve this issue as soon as possible.

The purpose behind this project is that PTA wants to protect your security. If anyone have your CNIC then they can register sim against your CNIC and use it in any illegal activity. So, you must check the information of registered SIMs against your CNIC without wasting a minute.

We hope this article provides you all the information you need. For more details and queries, ask in comment section.

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