Choosing Your Pool Interior

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Pool Resurfacing Options

You’re going to get your swimming pool renovated. The interior finish of the pool is something that you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to, however. After all, isn’t it true that every ending is exactly the same? Wrong! If you haven’t given any thought to the finish of your pool before, now is the time to do so and follow our illuminating advice for doing so.

Colours Available

Think about the colour you want your pool to look like when it’s finished. The hue of the water in your pool will be affected by a variety of factors from a variety of sources. It will appear differently depending on the time of day and the weather, and the area closer to the shore will have a lighter appearance than the area further out. There is a range of blue and green colours, from a very light blue to a very dark green, as well as some greys. Pool colours also include some greys. If you want the water in your pool to have a bluish hue, you should use a pool finish that contains white, grey, or blue pigment. On the other hand, if you use a pool finish that contains green, tan, brown, gold, or black pigment, the water will have a greenish tint. Your pool can have the appearance of a sparkling seascape if you use cool tones; a dramatic effect if you use dark tones; and a natural-looking imitation of natural bodies of water if you use warm tones.


Consider both the appearance and the texture of the surface. Do you want the surface of your pool to have a smooth feel or would you rather it have a natural texture such as pebbles? Do you want something that has a more natural appearance, such as stone, or do you want something that is more vibrant and colourful, such as tile?

Glam Factor

Do you have a preference for sparkling water or something that is a bit more subdued? The inside of a swimming pool can have a finish that is matte or glossy, finished or unfinished, and can even shimmer or imitate the look of jewels. They can have a natural appearance or a glamorous appearance. There is no one right answer; it all depends on your personal preference and how much sparkle you want in your pool.

Aesthetics Vs Comfort

Aesthetics or comfort, which do you value more highly in a space? The interior finish of a pool can be made of crushed rock, marble, or pebbles, which can give the pool a striking appearance but can also be uncomfortable for swimmers’ feet. Tile is also lovely, but it can be awkward to walk on, and if you use glass tile, there is a danger of shattered glass in the pool.

Longevity of Pool Surface

How long-lasting does the finish need to be in your pool? Consider the activities that will take place in your pool before settling on a finish for it. Will there be a significant number of children using the pool, or will the majority of its users be adults swimming laps? Your choice should be based on how much wear and tear the interior of your pool will get, and you can Talk to the contractors who will be working on your pool about how long-lasting different interior finishes are.


How much are you willing to spend to complete the interior of your pool? If your renovated swimming pool is going to be a showpiece and money is not an issue for you, then you are free to choose the most extravagant and exquisite pool finish that tickles your fancy. You might want to go with a finish that is more understated but more cost-effective if your budget is tight or if you’d like to put more of an emphasis on features like a sun shelf or diving board. Plaster is the most affordable choice, while tile is typically the most expensive option, and other textures fall somewhere in the middle.


You decide how to finish your pool, but Pools Plus Fibreglass is here to help if you need help taking care of your new investment. We have worked in the swimming pool business for more than 30 years, which means we can offer a wide range of services to both residential and commercial clients in Perth. When you hire Pools Plus Fibreglass, you get access to a staff that is highly qualified and has had a lot of training in the field. You also get services that are tailored to your needs and a guarantee that the client will be completely satisfied. Please get in touch with us for further information.

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